Alexis bledel milo ventimiligia really dating

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Also, Milo is on a tv show that will more than likely be picked up for another season.So with all these things considered, I think his appearances would be limited to something similar to what we saw in the revival.My favorite episode is 'Teach Me Tonight,' the one with the car accident [Jess trashed the car Dean had remodeled for Rory.] Alexis and I were both so tired and laughing and goofing off and having fun, so it was funny for me to watch. They said, 'Here's a lot of money and don't work for anybody else.We don't have anything for you, so you're going to be sitting for a while.' That was an interesting thing.

It's [high school] an interesting time in your life because you're trying to act older and mature but you really have no idea what you're doing. It's okay to not know completely what you want or what you should be doing and to stumble a little bit.

But, I don't know if any of the gawker stuff is true or not, so let's assume it's not and they ended their three year relationship on good terms.

If you're married to Alexis and could pick the one actor you didn't want her to do any love scenes who would that be?

Nothing against the [teen] magazines because they definitely have their purposes, but I don't want to answer questions like "Do you have a girlfriend? " Answering more adult questions is more intriguing and that's the vibe I'd like to give off.

I just try not to subscribe to the ways of celebrity. A lot of the events -- the parties and the premieres that people go to to get noticed -- I'm just not into.

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