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The way things are going they may end up cutting this season short – although ratings are still over some of their other shows. but I’m also agreeing with Lauren when she tells Rosie to just relax and to think about how her dad would want her to react… I quickly run to the window to see if pigs are indeed, flying!

Compared to the other two housewives shows that are airing right now – the New York franchise is bringing in DOUBLE the ratings – and the New Jersey franchise – TRIPLE. not sure when the last time was that I wholeheartedly agreed with Tre about anything… Backstage we see Lauren, in all her slenderness, go over to talk to Rosie who is still hyperventilating about what Tre has said about her dead father… Lauren implores Rosie to, “Just make him proud, and handle yourself.” Rosie promises to be calm.

Watching blog hits – we usually have spikes on Sunday and Monday evenings as the shows air. Meanwhile, back on the crazy couch, Caro is yelling at Tre, “This is 15 minutes of fame.

Guess what, you don’t get to sit here and play victim.” Tre insists she’s not playing the victim. Then Tre reiterates that she hasn’t talked to her bro in a year… Kathy makes some snide comments about Tre trying to destroy her relationship with Rosie as well.Some more fighting ensues, but Rosie shuts everyone up and says, “You can say whatever you want to say about me and my sister, because no one will ever break that… we get to talk about that RV trip that lasted for only like 82 episodes!nothing.” Tre says, “God bless.” Rosie explains that after she struggled a lot, that she came out to her mom after her father died and her mother’s reaction was that she wouldn’t trade her for a billion dollars. Andy said it was fun to see everyone getting along.Wow, Tre must be awfully powerful to be able to break up sisters.Hmmm, I wonder if they’re gonna handcuff Rosie to the chair when she comes out – I’d frisk her at the very least.

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