Akkusativ und dating

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When they played with your toy did you argue and say it was 'yours' by saying 'hey, that's mine'?

To do this you all have to use possessive pronouns. Alex is staying with his family while he is studying in Germany for a semester.

Noch mehr Zweifel kommen auf, wenn es um eine Person einer anderen Kultur geht. Bei einem Date geht es vor allem darum, jemandem näher kennenzulernen. Blumen nach Russland schicken: Lieferung am nächsten Tag möglich!

ist dem Genitiv sein Tod: Ein Wegweiser durch den Irrgarten der deutschen Sprache (Cologne: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2004)) remain best-sellers and his public readings fill the largest auditoriums in Germany.

Ever bicker with siblings, cousins or the kids next door?

Remember: select the possessive pronoun for whoever the noun belongs to and then select the correct ending for the gender and case of the noun it is being used in place of.

Here is a summary of the possessive pronouns: Did you know…

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