Accommodating nursing students with disabilities Sexy secretary nude webcam

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Do not assume that these people need assistance; many of them are perfectly adept at moving around on their own.

The United Spinal Association also warns to never touch someone's wheelchair unless invited to do so because the chair is part of that individual's personal space.

Let's begin with a few general guidelines for engaging and interacting with people with disabilities in a courteous, thoughtful manner.

When introduced to someone with a disability, a non-disabled individual may react to this person's appearance or affected speech.

If an individual uses a seeing-eye dog in order to get around, never pet, feed, or otherwise interact with the animal without the owner's consent.

The AFB also discusses how you can be a "sighted guide" for people with limited vision.

Keep a reasonable pace while walking, and feel free to alert your companion about doors, escalators, steep inclines, and other features of the path ahead that may pose danger.

Establishing communication boundaries is the first step towards a positive interaction with a person who is deaf or has hearing loss.

Most of these people have some level of hearing, so standard vocalizing may suffice.

These reactions are usually somewhat reflexive, but for the sake of inclusion it is important to refrain from looks, gestures, or statements that will make the individual feel uncomfortable.

Disability advocates emphasize the importance of respectful terminology.

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