50 naked

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Jennifer Aniston continues to slay at 50, recently posing for a gorgeous topless shoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

Looking at photographs from these two related and yet unalike events — one held over a soggy August weekend in upstate New York, the other on a mild winter Bay Area afternoon — some scattered observations came to this viewer about the subtle ways in which what a naked human looks like have shifted across a half-century and also about how we think about and gaze at one.1.

And you best believe she won’t let anyone shame her about it.

The Friends star talked about baring all with Ellen De Generes, and professed that she ‘loves’ being naked.

The women who would have been violating decency statutes by going topless at Woodstock in 1969 would now, in a majority of American states, be free to bare their nipples in public (although not, by and large, on Instagram). 25 — just two Sundays after the Woodstock commemorations and one day before the more consequential anniversary of women obtaining to right to vote in the United States — a parade celebrating Go Topless Day in New York City will snake through the canyons of Midtown from West 58th Street to Bryant Park.4. Modesty, of course, is legislated differently in every place and time.

(In one era, for instance, French police arrested women on beaches for wearing body-baring bikinis and in a later one exploited modest body-concealing burkinis as a means of pitting constitutional secularism against freedom of religion.) What was so acceptable at Altamont — among the seated thousands captured in Bill Owen’s photograph, only a single person glances away from the stage at the bare-bottomed goofball headed who-knows-where — could be grounds for arrest on, say, the public beaches of Fire Island.

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